Our Emblem & Motto

Carmel School SarangabadThe two palms at the base indicate the Mighty Hands of God the almighty who is the author and source of all wisdom and knowledge. By keeping everything in the hands of God, we express our faith and trust in the powerful support of God, in all our endeavours. The letter ‘M’ stands for Mother Mary, the Patroness of Carmel School. The school and the school community staff and students are dedicated to her patronage and protection. This letter also indicates the middle letter in the name of C.M.C congregation who runs Carmel School. There is a big ‘C’ on the right side of which there is a small ‘c’. Thus the big ‘C’ the ‘M’ and the small ‘c’ together constitute the name C.M.C. The big ‘C’ also stands for Carmel School. The lotus flower in the centre stands for knowledge. The lamp represents the school, the abode knowledge, the temple of learning. The flame is the symbol of the knowledge and inspiration imparted by Carmel School. The two children, a girl and a boy, representing the student’s community lit their lamp from the flame which is a symbolic expression of receiving education from their Alma Mater. On the two sides we find two wings rising high holding the motto “Let Your Light Shine” up. The wings rising up convey the noble idea that the children formed in Carmel School will soar high in fear of God, knowledge and brilliance

The motto of the school, “LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE” posses the goal which the staff and the students should ever keep before them. The motto stands for what is best in education. It aims at the development of the noblest faculties of a child. It aims at forming each into a perfect personality to shine distinctly in a world of
darkness. Knowledge enlightens, dispels the darkness of ignorance error and misconception. Proper formation makes a person disciplined, poised, capable, determined, and thus thoroughly equipped for the battle of life. The school aims at forming good citizen who will hold on to noble values and whose light will radiate goodness, love, justice and peace in places where they live and move. They will work as leaven in the society for the betterment of the people and of the society as a whole.